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        Jiangmen chancsun Umicore Industry Co., Ltd ( here forth abbreviated as JCU ) is a chinese-foreign joint venture. JCU is recognized as a high-technical enterprise of Guangdong Province, National Lighted Torch Program and National Torch Program new material industries Jiangmen Backbone, and the Experimental units innovative enterprises in Guangdong Province. In 2004, the company got the title of Excellent Private Science and technology enterprises of China.

        JCU focus on the research and the production of Spherical nickel hydroxide as positive material for Rechargeable Ni-Cd, Ni-MH batteries. The production, sales and R&D capabilities of Spherical Ni(OH)2 are amongst best in the whole county and are recognized of the world wide. Besides the regular grade of Spherical Ni(OH)2, the company also produces special grade of Ni(OH)2, which specification meet battery producers. JCU has also made a great breakthrough in the area of positive materials of Ni-MH batteries, which would be used for HEV packs for industrialization of domestic.

        Thanks to its dedication and professionalism in 10 years, JCU has already consolidated the leading position of positive material of rechargeable batteries market. The management team of the company is not only excellent at materials and battery techology, but also has a rich experience in operation and the high reputation. By the high quality serive, the company creates a competitive excellence for its partners, therefore fuelling up the of the rechangeable batteries industry.

        Umicore Group is not only a leader of the non-ferrous metals industry, but also and international renown company in the fields of the R&D, production and sales of materials for rechargeable batteries. With the support of Umicore’s R&D and marketing and sales, JCU keeps on develop new batteries material, providing the latest and most advanced materials, this global stategy will allow JCU to its customers to remain ahead of the technology.

        Add: Xinmin Industrial Zone, Lile Town, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China.
        Tel: +86-750-3626309 3633189 Fax: +86-750-3626202 Postcode: 529060 Email: jacky.luk@cnjcu.com