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        Cultural life

        Corporate Culture
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          Customers' Satisfaction

        Recognition and trust our customers, contribute to the success of JCU. We pay much attention to the suggestion from customers, know the trend of battery industy, offer products and service which can be helpful for the competitiveness of our partners.

          Value creation
          We expect our customers to be profitable through our cooperation, leading them to a long-term rewarding partner-ship.
          Employees’ development
          The development of JCU finds its roots in the motivation of united effective employees. The company sets up a safe, reliable and open-minded working environment for its employees, and also encourages self-improvement.
        Add: Xinmin Industrial Zone, Lile Town, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China.
        Tel: +86-750-3626309 3633189 Fax: +86-750-3626202 Postcode: 529060 Email: jacky.luk@cnjcu.com